World Wi-Fi ICO 2018 Token Opening Date Check Here

World Wi-Fi ICO 2018 Token Opening Date
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World Wi-Fi ICO 2018 Token Opening Date,

World Wi-Fi project is a global decentralized free Wi-Fi network based on private routers. Every router owner may share free Wi-Fi, connect to other users, and earn cryptocurrency. In the end, everybody wins: while ordinary users might no longer pay for the internet, those who own routers generate profits, and advertisers reach their target audience.

World Wi-Fi ICO 2018 Token Opening Date

World Wi-Fi integrates private routers into a single network and provides free Internet all over the World! The project will allow router owners to receive fees from advertising by connecting advertisers with target audiencies.Interfacing with one open wifi network in several spots is not yet possible. As the internet is not portable yet, users have to go through privacy or private locking system to access internet facilities. In addition, there are still some difficulties being faced with quick and versatile internet service such as LTE.

WT ICO 2018 Token Date,

LTE usually puts limits on their data, speed, and the service is comparatively more expensive. Secondly and in general, internet connections are becoming a lavish business these days. The central control of Internet connections is authorized to only the service providers. Irrespective of whether the demand is high or low, the expansion of productivity is utterly up to them. Lastly, there’s still no concept of financial assets. Many want to profit, but only if people, who have assets, want to share it with them.

  • WT.
Token Sale Opening Date
  • 18-Mar-2018
Token Sale Closing Date
  • 18-Apr-2018.
Country of origin
  • Singapore.
Total Supply
  •   258,000,000.
WT ICO Price
  •  1 WT = 0.30$ USD .
  • ETH.
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